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We recognize that people of deep Christian faith interpret aspects of the Scriptures differently. JKCS is an educational institution and not a church or political organization. We do not take detailed political or doctrinal positions aside from a deep commitment to our Christian mission and well defined and agreed upon Biblical foundations as articulated in our constitution. We have families with a wide range of sometimes or seemingly contradictory views on many Biblical questions and carry those views out into a broader community.

We are all created in unique and beautiful ways. We all strive for a common goal but follow a multitude of path- ways to that goal. As our students walk those paths we walk beside them to teach discernment as they work out their salvation in reverence for a relationship with Christ.

As the JKCS community, we are called to love and teach all students who come through our doors, and we continue to be committed to teaching from a distinctly Christian perspective and to pursuing a more humane, just, and sustainable world. We seek to model Christ in how we serve others and live out our mission and vision.

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal