Parent Education Evening

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Dear parents,

You are invited to a special JKCS Parent Education Evening with presenter Hannah Beach.

There are periods in history when cultural influences create parenting challenges that are unique to their time and place.

Today, many children and youth are more anxious than ever before. Some of them are glued to their phones and devices; some are facing emotional health challenges and behavioural problems. If our children are struggling, parenting can be exhausting.

When we deeply love our children but are finding their behaviours difficult, we may find ourselves wondering what we can do. Is there a way through?

Join Hannah Beach for a warm and conversational parent workshop exploring practical, relationship-based strategies that you can use to support your children and youth, so they thrive.

This workshop is appropriate for parents of children of all ages. Please note that this is an event for adults only; childcare is not provided.

If you have any questions, please connect with Director of Curriculum Wendy Perttula at

Parent Education Evening: Building Resilient Kids and Families
Thursday, April 25, 2024, 7:30pm
New Westminster Christian Reformed Church
(across the street from the elementary campus)

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About Hannah Beach

Hannah Beach is an award-winning educator, author, emotional health consultant, and keynote speaker. She and Tamara Neufeld Strijak co-authored the best-selling book, “Reclaiming Our Students: Why Children Are More Anxious, Aggressive, and Shut-Down than Ever—and What We Can Do About It.”
This book is a trauma-informed resource for teachers and parents rooted in the relationship-based approach. It is being translated into multiple languages internationally (including French, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian and Korean) and has been adopted by school boards across Canada.

Hannah Beach was recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2017 as one of five featured changemakers in Canada. Her bestselling, “I Can Dance,” book series, supporting the emotional health of children through movement, play, and expression, won a 2017 Gold International Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

Hannah delivers professional development services across the country, provides emotional health consulting to schools, and speaks at conferences about the power of bringing more feeling and human connection into the classroom. Hannah is leading professional development sessions for our teaching staff, and we wanted to create a parallel learning opportunity for our parent community.

In Him,
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