Office Procedures

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Students are expected to be at school on time every day. Please note the different start and end times for different grades:

First Day School, Tues, Sept 8:

Kindergarten students follow gradual entry schedule

Drop Off Times:
8:25am: Grades 1, 4, 6
8:35am: Grades 2, 3, 5
Pick Up Times:
11:45 am– Families with students only in Primary (1-3)
12:00 pm – Families with students in both Primary and Intermediate (1-6)
12:15 pm – Families with students only in Intermediate (4-6)

Grades 7-12: First Day Tues, Sept 8, classes start at 8:50 am til 12:00 pm.

For the rest of the first week and following weeks:

Staggered start times:
8:25am: K, 1, 4, 6
8:35am: 2, 3, 5

Staggered dismissal times:
2:45 pm– Families with students only in Primary (K-3) are picked up (Kindergarten students must be picked up by a parent. They will be in the hockey box so their parents can easily see them from the fence along 12th Ave.)
3:00 pm – Families with students in both Primary and Intermediate (K-6) grades are picked up.
3:15 pm – Families with students only in Intermediate (4-6) are picked up.
*Teachers outside until all their students are picked up.

Grades 7-12: Full day classes start on Wed, Sept 9 at 8:50 am and finish at 3:15 pm.

For Elementary Drop Off:

Parents walk or drive to the designated area and drop off students who will meet their homeroom teacher. Teachers will be outside by 8:15am. The playground is closed so students go directly to their class line up. We recommend parking safely and respectfully on the streets around the school if you want to walk with your child. Parents are expected to wear a mask if they are on school property during busy drop off times.
If you drive to school, you will be permitted only to drop off and exit. There is NO parking at any time for parents or visitors on school property during the pandemic.
Primary drop off: Drive west on 12th Ave. and turn right onto school driveway. Students get out of the vehicle beside the school and go directly to the playfield (grades 1, 2) or near the gym (grade 3). The exception is kindergarten, whose parents have received their own information. Continue to drive to the front drop off area if you also have intermediate students.
Intermediate drop off: Drive east on 13th Ave. and enter front school drop off area. Students get out of the vehicle and go directly to the front parking lot area (grades 5, 6) or front basketball area (grade 4) to wait with their homeroom teacher.

Late students (Elementary): There are designated waiting areas outside the school for students who arrive late. Please look at the map carefully. If there is no staff member waiting outside

then you will need to call the office in order to let your child in the door. If you are late for pick up at the end of the school day your child will be sent to the designated late waiting area – the same area that students wait in when they are late in the morning.

Punctuality and regular attendance are extremely important. We ask all families to make sure their child(ren) are in their classes on time; tardiness often disrupts the flow of morning routines in the classroom. In the event of repeated tardiness, families will be contacted and asked to determine a satisfactory solution to the problem. Parents are encouraged to arrange medical, dental, and other appointments outside of school hours. If for some reason a student must leave during the school day, a note or email must be provided to the teacher, or the office must be contacted from home. It is essential that a student sign out at the office when he/she leaves, and signs in when he/she returns. For elementary parents, please pick up your children after school in a timely manner.