Now the Lord is the Spirit, and Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Freedom

ArushaTimes News

2 Corinthians 3:7

One of the outcomes of the current and unusual circumstances of the beginning of this year includes the blessings of teachers and students returning to our buildings. On the other hand and for safety reasons, parents have been asked to not enter our sites in order to minimize unnecessary contact.
Although our doors are closed, our hearts remain open and we are employing new ways to engage with parents and support effective and timely communication. We want to continue to build a strong and vibrant community of believers and learners!
We are always deeply blessed by our parent volunteers who give freely of their time to help manage traffic and our parents who patiently and respectfully follow the new and complex traffic protocols. Managing traffic at JKCS looks like the inner workings of a Swiss watch!
Our host of other parent volunteers will be supporting events and participating in board and committee work. We are profoundly thankful for their expertise and willing engagement.
Our freedom resides in our faith, in our relationships and in our community of believers!

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal