Mrs. Beunk and Mrs. Blackmore

Fera Gunawan Times News

Recently, I sat down and had a conversation with Mrs. Beunk and Mrs. Blackmore at the elementary campus about their involvement and enrollment in a program called, the Educational Leaders Development Institute.
“It’s a one year leadership development program,” says Mrs. Beunk.
“For people who are thinking about entering administration or who are new to admin,” adds Mrs. Blackmore. The program is a partnership between USA and Canadian Christian schools as well as the Ontario Christian School Association and the Society for Christian Schools of BC. They meet as a large group but also as a smaller chapter where they can dig deep and ask questions of one another and seek counsel from other Chrisitan educators. To date, they have studied Creating School Culture and Community Building; Staff Hiring, and next month, School Finances. Mrs. Beunk comments, “I think being a part of my breakout group has been a blessing; we talk about specific things, develop ideas with other school leaders as well as pray for one another and developing relationships between schools.”
“Yes,” agrees Mrs. Blackmore, “and you walk through challenges with other educators, they offer different perspectives. It shows you how much deeper our connections with other Chrisitan Schools can be.”
What a blessing that our admin are taking opportunities to learn with and from other Chrisitan administrators.
Dr. David Ward, Superintendent