Moses and the Land of Promise…

Tim ChanTimes News

Now, I am no Moses but as a community of Christians engaged in faithfulness to God’s leading in educating our children we sometimes
feel we are spending a lot of time in the desert. Or…we have, at times, felt we have arrived at the promised land.

Both capture an element of truth. Both offer deep challenges and we compellingly encounter God in each.

Our promised land was not the establishment of JKCS over 60 years ago. Nor was it the desert journey of Millside followed by the promise of the new elementary facility. Our journey through amalgamation was challenging and did not culminate in a land of milk or honey.

We parented a new high school and we started in a new building in September but were a long ways from arriving at a final destination. In fact we got booted into a pandemic experience leaving the new secondary site a beautiful but empty shell.

In all of that change, turbulence and stability it remains to reflect on how we ran the race, how we encountered God in our faith. Our promised land is the journey! And that journey continues as we look forward to times in the desert and times of milk and honey. And all the time encountering God, as we need, in times of plenty or times of need.

– Paul Tigchelaar, Principal