Ministry of Education Monitoring Visit

Fera Gunawan Times News

On Thursday October 28 John Knox Christian Elementary took part in a monitoring visit with two BC Ministry of Education inspectors. While not as invasive as a full inspection, the monitoring visit was thorough and the inspectors looked at everything from teachers’ licenses and yearly planning to our student records systems. Staff had been working hard the last few weeks to update items from the last monitoring visit. This particular visit was an intriguing one for a variety of reasons but specifically because it took place virtually. Staff had converted physical files and necessary documents to digital formats in an effort to have everything easily accessible for the inspectors. Teachers made good use of the early Tuesday dismissal to collaborate and make sure that our grade group curricular programs were online and complete – a process that will help us and Wendy Perttula (curriculum director) to have a solid grasp on the scope and sequence of student instruction and learning at our school. The inspectors spent the day speaking to admin via zoom while examining the online links. Thanks to each and every staff member for all your hard work!
Dr. David Ward, Superintendent