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Merry Christmas from Metro Kids! With your help, we gave away over 900 Christmas presents at Kids Klub and in our community this year! What a way to spread joy!

 “Do you LOVE CHRISTMAS???” a little Syrian boy asked me as I walked through his low income apartment parking lot one afternoon during my usual Thursday afternoon visit to that complex. I don’t know if it was my bright purple Metro Kids jacket, or the stack of Kids Klub flyers I carried in my hand, but he knew I was someone he could talk to about this special time of year. I gladly stopped and talked to this newly immigrated family for a few minutes, “Yes, I do!”
   His young  mother looked pale, worn down, and with a recognizable look in her eyes as someone who had seen much pain. But her young son was beaming, “It’s my first Christmas!” he said excitedly. I invited his family to our Kids Klub Christmas party and then added, “But if you can’t make it, I’ll come by next week and give you a Christmas present!”
    True to my word, one week later, I was knocking at their door, with an armload of Christmas boxes, donated by the students at Pacific Academy and John Knox Christian School. The little boys were practically dancing with delight, and the mother came shyly to the door with a smile on her face and something else in her eyes this time… the beginnings of a glimmer of hope and joy.”
 ~ Lynn Brownlee, Community Pastor

   This is why we do what we do in our community. There are REAL people with REAL stories who need to experience a little bit of the Christmas joy we often take for granted. This is why your partnership matters. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!