Message from Cambridge Uniforms

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Welcome to John Knox Christian School, we hope that your summer holidays were enjoyable.

As your children start to wear their uniforms and the laundry routine is reestablished we will take this opportunity
to offer a special on clothing labels and share insights to help keep your uniforms looking sharp throughout the school year.

If you have ever spent time searching through the lost and found bin at your school, you likely recognize the value of labelling your children’s uniforms. All orders placed online over $150.00 between September 15, 2018 to September 30, 2018 will receive one complimentary pack of 40 iron on labels and a permanent marker pen, a value of $19.00.

Visit our website to take advantage of this special. Your online school code is: NOX898

Caring for your uniforms
Please refer to washing directions found on fabric tags of every garment to best care for your uniforms.

Sweaters – A common misconception is to hang or flat dry the sweaters. Believe it or not, this actually compromises the yarn
leaving the sweater more susceptible to damage. The trick to a long lasting and shapely sweater is to put it in the dryer at a low to medium heat. No zippers, towels or abrasive items with it.

Tartan items – The beauty of tartan is that it does not require daily washing. When you do wash tartan please use a liquid soap,
cold water wash without anything abrasive and without towels then hang to dry. Do not place tartan items into a dryer. Ideally send the kilt or skirt to the dry cleaners periodically so that the pleats can be heat pressed to keep the garment looking smart.

White garments – We appreciate and understand that children and white, sometimes do not mix well. Please do not use of bleach on any of our garments, this damages the fibers and may cause the fabric to tear around embroidered logos.

One for wash, One for wear
If you have visited our store, you have likely heard this phrase before. A school uniform is worn up to 180 days in the school year. That is a lot of wear on an article of clothing. We encourage having 2 or 3 of each daily-wear items such as pants, shirts, and sweaters to rotate throughout the week. Not only will this help the longevity of each garment, it also means less time for you doing laundry.

Little extras available in our store
Shoe polish: Easy to apply and perfect for those morning when shoes need a quick polished appearance before a presentation or school photos.
Sweater stone: Helps keep the uniform garments such as sweaters and tartans fresh. Removes fibers and other particles that may appear as the garment is worn over and over.

Visit our website at to see what other little extras are available. Email us at Call our client care line at 1-800-924-9069 ext 1 or 604-924-9069 ext 1