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Yubin Kim sits comfortably in her dorm room at The Juilliard School in New York City. She’s been there just a few months, having moved from Burnaby, BC in August 2022 to study violin. Yubin is attending one of the most prestigious schools of music in the world and John Knox Christian School helped her get there.

“I was at John Knox since Kindergarten,” says Yubin. “I remember we would always start and end each day in prayer. This gave me a lot of comfort and peace.”

Yubin fell in love with the violin at the tender age of four.

“I developed a fascination for classical music after hearing my cousin play the violin at my aunt's wedding,” she explains. “I started playing in Kindergarten. In grade 10, I got a spare block where I could do my homework, so that I had time to practice violin after school. And in my final year, I was given a practice block so I could bring my violin to school and practice in the soundproof music room.”

During her thirteen years at John Knox, Yubin always felt very supported by everyone at school.


While Yubin pursued her music, she also dedicated herself to her academics and when it came time for her grade 11 outreach trip, her faith was rocked.

“If I'm completely honest, I was pretty bummed out because it was COVID and the overseas missions were cancelled. Instead we went to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, but reflecting back, I definitely would not change or trade my time and experience.”


“I encountered many people who reflected God's loving kindness despite their difficult circumstances. It really motivated me to continue serving with an open heart and mind,” says Yubin.

Soon thereafter, Yubin launched Operation: New Genesis, a student-led initiative working to bring awareness and support to individuals experiencing homelessness in BC.

“I wanted to help ignite real change, starting in our school community. We assembled and distributed more than 250 necessity bags for those in need, made bag lunches to hand out, and did food drives with students across all grades.”

As Academic Counsellor and Missions and Outreach Coordinator at our secondary campus, Jeyne Lund walked alongside Yubin during this time.

“After our local Missions and Outreach trip it’s like a lightbulb went off within Yubin," says Jeyne. "Yubin approached me about doing something to give back. I told her to think and pray on her idea, and as she listened to where God was calling her to serve, I helped her to build a team, create a vision, mission, strategic goals, and a fundraising plan. Our students learn that, even as young people, they can be leaders.”

At John Knox, we teach for transformation–meaning the framework of the Bible and faith formation is woven through our curriculum from Kindergarten to grade 12. Students are given the tools to find themselves in God's story–past, present and future.
“Mrs. Lund is one of my greatest mentors,” says Yubin. “She helped me grow into the strong individual I am today. She was there to guide and support me every step of the way. And it was her encouragement and trust in me that motivated me to achieve my goals.”

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- Yubin Kim, John Knox alum and accomplished violinist