Math Contests (Secondary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

In April and May, the majority of our secondary students participated in the Gauss (gr. 7-8), Fryer (gr. 9), Galois (gr. 10), Hypatia (gr. 11) and Euclid (gr. 12) math contests coordinated by the University of Waterloo. These contests, based on curriculum common to all Canadian provinces, provide students with problems that test their logical thinking and mathematical problem solving.

In the Fryer Contest (Gr. 9), 6217 students across Canada wrote this contest with an average score of 24/40. In the Hypatia Contest (gr. 11), 7475 students challenged this contest with an average score of 26/40. Congratulations to two of our students who scored above average and earned a medal as the top student in our school.

Congratulations to Seth V. (gr. 9) and Hellen C. (Gr. 11)!!