Library: New Symbaloo Tool for Accessing e-Resources

Tim ChanTimes News

We have added a new tool for you to access some e-resources from home. Using the program, Symbaloo, you can now “click” on any tile of the resources that you are looking for and it will take you directly to the website. Some websites may ask for a username and password that can be provided through your Google Classroom or homeroom teacher. To access the symbaloo, simply click on the link below. Happy exploring!

Disclaimer: Please note that the following e-resources are provided for you to use at your discretion. Some of these e-resources are from widely distributed public websites; therefore, we are unable to verify the contents of all publications. You can find useful book and movie reviews from a Christian perspective at In addition, is a widely used review site for
parents and students for books, videos and movies.

K-3 Digital Resources
Grades 4-6 Resources
Grades 7-12 Resources

In order to help you block unwanted ads from the use of our free subscription to Symbaloo, you may also want to download an ad blocker extension. You can find these by searching for an ad blocker, or download the following for Chrome users: https://