Letter from the Board: Your 2018 Gift to JKCS and Capital Campaign Update

Tim ChanTimes News

John Knox Christian School has blessed families for the past 63 years providing Christ centered education to thousands of students. As parents of those students you know that tuition and government grants pay for all the operating expenses of the school. However, neither tuition nor government grants pay for the land, buildings and major equipment of the school.

As you know we are in the middle of building a new secondary campus, just 10 years after purchasing two neighbouring lots and rebuilding the elementary campus. Between these two campuses $38 million has been committed to provide education in much need new facilities.

It is now the turn of the current parent community, supporters and alumni to pitch in and make the current $3 million Capital Campaign a success. We are near $2 million but must reach the $3 million mark by the end of the school year. If we do not reach that total, we may be forced to charge facility fees or seek out private loans.

As board chair I know the board, building committee and staff have worked very hard to make the new school a reality.

For John Knox to issue a charitable donation receipt for 2018, (which may result in a 44% tax reduction for every dollar donated) we must receive donations via cheque and cash before Dec 20 of this year, or by Dec 31 for online donations via our school website. Our bank reminded us that we made this commitment, and as we are highly leveraged further loans from the bank may not be available.

For those of you with very high taxable income you may want to take advantage of a tax effective method of donating through our partner PearTree by arranging the purchase of flow through shares in Canadian resource companies for immediate transfer to the school.

We pray that you can take the long view and support us in making sure that all who seek Christian education may receive it.

Should you wish to donate, or if you have any questions, please contact the Development Off ice at 604.522.1410, or development@johnknoxbc.org

God bless you as you consider what He has called you to do.

John Vegt
JKCS Board Chair