Less Can Be More

Fera Gunawan Times News

Indubitably and invariably, there has been a preponderance or paucity, a verboseness or reservedness or the propensity for indirect or invasive strategies in our communication within the JKCS community.
And sometimes we get it just right!

All that to say, clear and transparent communication is a necessary foundation of our school community. Arguably more so, even in this challenging pandemic year. While details can be important, face to face sharing can be most effective! But that is challenged by the current practice of extremely limited access due to our sites closure to everyone other than staff. However, parents are welcome into the building with prior administrative approval so if you do have a conversation that needs to happen in person we will work together to make that happen! Telephone conversations have value but can be more limiting. Emails can be lengthy in content but short on the nuances that are best conveyed in person. And many times, less is more!

When you have concerns or want to share positive encouragement, offer it first and clearly to the person who is most directly involved. Adhere faithfully to the Matthew Principle. Matthew 18: 15 – 17 offers a well defined process for expressing directly to the party involved and steps to continue the dialogue.

It is claimed that most of our valuable time resources are preserved through direct and unambiguous communication. Let’s glean those resources and redirect them to our students who will be best served by our gifts of teaching with knowledge, faith and wisdom!
Paul Tigchelaar, Lead Principal