Leadership Review

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After soliciting and reviewing many surveys (over 100 parent responses and over 50 staff responses!), the SCSBC Leadership Review Team (LRT) spent Monday and Tuesday at the Primary and Secondary sites to interview individuals and the Administrative Team. Ed Noot, the Executive Director of SCSBC led the team of 3 other SCSBC Principals/superintendents. This team has had a wealth of administrative experience and wisdom that was shared with our community.

We were offered a number of recommendations that will serve as an encouragement to build forward; areas that we continue to nurture, areas that will benefit from more work as we manage the change to a fully launched JKCS K – 12 Christian school community.

The phrase that was notably repeated many times over the two days by the LRT was that the results were “overwhelmingly positive” and that the JKCS leadership team is a highly unified group characterized by friendship, spiritual passion, trust and deep competency.

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal