“Las Vegas Story” Writing Assignment Criteria

ArushaMr. Rodgers

Meeting your character for the first time (Las Vegas Story)


  • Well-written (precisely chosen words and carefully crafted sentences)
  • logical (story makes sense)
  • meaningful (story has a purpose and appropriate focus)
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation


  • 2-4 pages (double-spaced; written or typed on nice clean paper)


  • Show, not tell emotions
    • At least three examples
  • Include dialogue/conversation
    • Quotation marks
    • New speaker = new paragraph
  • Paragraphs
    • Group of sentences about a single topic
    • Don’t forget to indent
  • Adjectives (useful; meaningful ones only)
    • At least two examples
  • Personification
    • At least one example
  • Remember: don’t overuse “that” & avoid hyperbole (exaggeration)