Secondary: KnoxVine Broadcasting

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Hello Parents, Teachers, and Students,
We are Ethan Chan, Sydney Choi, Jesse Krause, Timothy Li, and Sophia Varga from Grade 9 who initiated the Knoxvine!
Knoxvine is a junior broadcasting program that was established in May 2021. Our goal is to create a platform that acts as a channel for all students to participate and support each other. Once every other Monday, Knoxvine releases a podcast episode highlighting recent news, upcoming school events, as well as a special segment each week, featuring various topics such as politics, sports, movies and career path options. We aim to present the whole John Knox community with an entertaining experience, one that brightens up everyone’s day! If you have any questions or suggestions for topic ideas, send an email to and don’t forget to follow us @theknoxvine on instagram!
From all of us at Knoxvine, we hope to see you at our podcast episodes!