Knox Walk in Your Neighbourhood

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Get your walking shoes ready, because the Knox Walk is next week!
Students have just one week to sign up for their fundraising page and raise $100 to support John Knox, including tuition relief for families who are struggling with income loss due to Covid-19, and the UGM, and awesome local organization who works with people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction.

It’s easy to sign up! Simply go to to sign up for the Knox Walk, then send the link to your personal fundraising page to ask family and friends to sponsor your 5km walk.

Walk in your neighbourhood! In a typical year, John Knox students walk from the elementary campus to Queen’s Park and back. If you live in New West, this could be a great route for you to walk, too! Here are some other interesting 5km walks…
• The Quay! If you start at the dog park and walk all the way to the big “W” in Pier Park and back, that’s just over 5km!
• Como Lake Park! The trail around the park is approximately 1km. Walk it 5 times!
• Burnaby Lake! Park near the Nature House and walk towards the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
and back, and you’ll have walked 6km!
• Deer Lake! Park by the Shadboldt Centre and walk all around the lake. It is only 4km, so you
will need to add a few laps around the grassy field 😉
• Your neighbourhood! It takes about an hour to walk 5km.
Photos, please! Don’t forget to take photos of your walk. You can send them to, tag John Knox on Facebook or Instagram, or send them as a direct message on Facebook or Instagram. We can be found on both social media platforms at @johnknoxbc.

Thank you to all the amazing John Knox students who have already started fundraising. You are a blessing to our school!

Start your walk on Friday, May 29, at 1:00pm!