Knox Walk 2022!

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May is Knox Walk month! The Knox Walk is a massive K-12 fundraising event culminating in all 700 students, 100 staff, and 200 parents going on a 5km walk to Queen’s Park and back. For the past two years, this event morphed into “Knox Walk: In Your Neighbourhood” as a response to pandemic requirements, but this year we are excited to welcome back the event in its traditional form.

A fundraiser for John Knox Christian School, the Knox Walk is an opportunity for students to raise money for projects that will impact their daily life at school and ensure that our school is around for many years to come! The elementary campus needs playground and building revitalization and the secondary campus rooftop needs safety netting and beautification. The Knox Walk tithes 10% of funds raised to a charity worthy of our support. This year we are giving to a local organization our community knows well: Journey Home. Journey Home supports recent refugees to the Metro Vancouver area with immediate housing support as well as community and emotional support born out of a desire to act as Christ did. Learn more at

Next week students will hear all about the Knox Walk and how they can support it. Parents can expect a letter detailing the event and how they can support their child(ren). In the coming weeks, we’ll put a call out for parent volunteers for the event itself.
Enjoy these photos of the Knox Walk throughout the years!
Arusha Vegt, Development Director