Knox Walk 2022

ArushaTimes News

The grand total for the Knox Walk is: $103,019.35!
Thanks to God for His provision for John Knox Christian School. It was thrilling to reach our goal of $100,000, especially because that meant we would be shaving Mr. Rodgers’ and Mr. Wasik’s heads! Students enjoyed watching their principal’s heads get shaved in chapel this week. A huge thank you to both of these brave staff members for putting their hair on the line for our school!
Thank you to all the students who worked hard to get sponsors for their walkathon, all of our generous donors, encouraging parents, volunteers, and supportive staff members. It is a blessing to use these funds to improve both JKCS campuses and offer a donation to Journey Home.

While we’re so proud of each and every student, the Knox Walk always includes special prizes for students who go above and beyond:
Students who raised the most money in their grade category:
Grades K – 3: Aiden C. from 3F raised $4,395.00
Grades 4 – 6: Chloe C. from 6B raised $4,395.00
Grades 7 – 12: Cameron D.-F. from 8B raised $1,650.00

Students with the greatest number of sponsors in their grade category:
Grades K – 3: Abigayle S from 3F had 23 sponsors
Grades 4 – 6: Tianna L. from 5M had 33 sponsors
Grades 7 – 12: Timothy L. from 9A had 25 sponsors

Class that raised the most money in their grade category (the winners of the famous Knox Walk Pizza Party!):
Grades K – 3: 3F raised $5,904.00
Grades 4 – 6: 6B raised $6,422.43
Grades 7 – 12: 8B raised $3,425.00 (Bonus: this class also received 100 spirit points and a free casual day from student council!)

All students who raised $175 or more were entered in a draw for a prize. The winner in each grade category:
Grades K – 6: Greyson C. in 2K
Grades 7 – 12: Matthew C. in 9A
We’ll see you next year for the 18th annual Knox Walk!
Arusha Vegt, Development Director