Knox Walk 2021

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Last Saturday neighbourhoods in New West, Burnaby, Coquitlam and beyond saw an unusual number of red shirted people marching deliberately through their streets and parks. It was the Knox Walk! Although we couldn’t walk together safely as a whole school community, we’re so thankful for the ability to be in small groups of family and friends while enjoying the sunshine and God’s awesome creation.

A huge THANK YOU to the students of John Knox Christian School! You worked hard to get sponsors for your walkathon and you went out and did what you said you were going to do by going on a 5km walk. Because of your efforts, we are pleased to announce that the Knox Walk raised $85,180.95! Wow! These funds will support an outdoor refresh at the elementary campus and the ongoing rooftop construction at secondary, as well as a 10% tithe will be sent to our friends at the New West UGM.
Another big thank you to all the parents who supported their children’s walkathon by helping them fundraise, setting up their fundraising pages, and most of all going for a 5km walk!

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the Knox Walk! You have blessed us immensely and have helped to ensure that we have beautiful and useful outdoor spaces at our schools for years to come.
Thank you to The Acacia Project! This student led initiative encouraged us all to clean up our neighbourhood while on our walkathon.
A fun part of the Knox Walk is offering prizes to students and classes who went above and beyond in their fundraising. We are excited to acknowledge the following students and classes:
• Highest amount raised grades K-3: Jayden K. from 3MO raised $3,609
• Highest amount raised grades 4-6: Chloe C. from 5M raised $3,500
• Highest amount raised grades 7-12: Cameron D-F. from 7B raised $1,650
• Greatest number of sponsors grades K-3: Aiden C. from 2K had 22 sponsors. Jayden K. from 3MO had 44 individual sponsors, but because he already is receiving the prize for the highest amount raised, we are pleased to award this prize to Aiden!
• Greatest number of sponsors grades 4-6: Olivia L. from 5W had 38 sponsors
• Greatest number of sponsors grades 7-12: Timothy L. from 8B has 21 sponsors
All students who raised $175 or more were entered into a special draw. The winners at each campus are:
• Elementary draw winner: Adalyn D. from KBT
• Secondary draw winner: Ryo G. from 7B
The above students all received a $100 Chapters gift card!

The pizza party is a yearly tradition for the classes at each campus who raise the largest amount of money. This year we are pleased to throw a pizza party for the following classes:
• Elementary: Grade 5M raised $9,299.63
• Secondary: Grade 7B raised $3,707.11
As we near the end of a school year that has been so challenging and stressful we know it is gift to be together as a community of believers whether we are physically together or not. We praise God for His goodness to John Knox over the past 66 years and pray that we can walk together next year for Knox Walk 2022!
Thank you for sending us photos of your Knox Walk!

Where in New West is the Knox Hawk? Week 4 took the hawk all the way to City Hall to perch on Mayor Jonathan Cote’s shoulder! Congratulations to the students who guessed correctly!

Knox Walk 2021 grand total and prize announcement video:

With gratitude, Arusha Vegt
Development Director