Knox Walk 2017

Tim ChanTimes News

On a sunny day in May 460 people (and a few dogs) took to the streets for an epic walkathon – The Knox Walk! Our intrepid walkers marched through New West and Burnaby to raise money for bleachers for our new high school gym.

Along the way they were supported by members from the New West Police department, had a chance to refill water bottles and rest in beautiful Queen’s Park, and closed the day with refreshing freezies at school!

Students raised a grand total of $64,130! We are blessed to be able to tithe $6,400 to the Living Stones Village.Thank you to all the parent walkers, photographers, money counters, tax receipters, and water and refreshment station crew members. A special thank you to head money counter Ella L and water station leader Frank Z.

So many students worked so hard to raise money and get sponsors, but we would like to honour our prize winners. These students won a $50 gift certificate to either Toys R Us or Chapters: Grade K-3 student that raised the most money: Kingston W., Grade K-3 student with the most sponsors: Daniel Z., Grade 4-7 student that raised the most money: Kaila W., Grade 4-7 student with the most sponsors: Chloe C. The class that raised the most money (and winners of a pizza party that will take place tomorrow): Grade 3P!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a student for Knox Walk 2017!