John Knox Christian High School Opening September, 2018! Inspired by the Design – Part 2

Tim ChanTimes News

The exterior wall of the Music Room opens generously into the Courtyard, so the gift of performance can naturally interface with our community’s outdoor public-gathering place. The Music Room also shares a corridor with our IT room, forming an inviting opportunity to combine innovative technologies and the performing arts.

The Cardio room supports a curricular extension of our PE program; it acknowledges revolutionary advances in science that verify students can mitigate stress, sharpen their intellect, lift their mood and remodel their brain simply by breaking a sweat.
The Biology room opens onto a roof-top, so the study of living organisms is supported by an indoor-outdoor connection. We will make provision for an urban colony of honey bees, and for plants and soils in support of interdisciplinary studies in biology, ecology and botany.
The series of art, math and science classrooms are nested together on the fourth floor. Theories in support of developing multiple intelligences are being driven by the need for mathematicians, scientists and engineers to simultaneously be imaginative innovators in design.
The Student Commons, Student Servery and well-equipped Foods Lab are proximally situated to encourage peer and inter-generational connections. This space will support the critical goal of developing relational intelligence, and in tandem with teaching life-skills, student’s culinary creations will fittingly enhance community celebrations and special events.
The school is also encased with expansive windows that will let in reams of healthy, natural light. As we look out into the surrounding community, others will be looking in. At our most genuine, we will begin living in this new space by grappling with how the culture within can be a light and a blessing to the cultures without. At our very best, the community will be attracted to Christ in us.
In support of our God-honouring intentions, I sincerely invite you to pray: “God, bless us in our genuine desire to honour Christ by living well in our new community.”
Wendy Perttula,
High School Vice Principal