Job Shadowing Opportunity (Secondary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

For those of you who are unaware, our Grade 10’s are involved in a job shadowing experience during PEAK week (March 11-14). The experience complements their Career Life Education curriculum. The rationale for the program is to get the Grade 10’s thinking about a possible career path and to gain first-hand experience in the workplace.

If you or any one you may know would be willing to provide a Grade 10 with a Job Shadowing placement, please email me. We are asking the Grade 10’s to complete a total of 24 hours of job shadowing. Students would follow you around learning about the various aspects of your job and helping whenever needed or allowed. Students are covered under the school’s insurance policy as it is considered a school event.

If you or any one you know would like to volunteer to help our Grade 10’s, send me an email: Thanks for your time and consideration.