JKCS were InspirED!

Tim ChanTimes News

Day One

On Thursday, October 4, JKCS Secondary and Elementary staff joined with over 1000 other CEBC (Christian Educators of British Columbia) teachers from across the province at the InspirED convention. InspirED is an annual convention that serves approximately 1200 Christian school educators representing a wide variety of denominational, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We all share a common Biblical vision of educating children in the light of Scripture. In the words of the convention committee, the convention was “Worshipful, Professional, Communal”. Eugene Cho: was the featured speaker at Abbottsford Christian School along with a host of other very relevant presenters.

Our teachers connected with each other, with former colleagues and made new acquaintances, away from the school setting and with thanks and blessings for a beautiful sunny day.

Day Two

There was something special, even historic about October 5, 2018. This day was unique because it was the first time our educational specialists spent a professional development day together preparing to invest in our significantly expanded John Knox Chris- tian School. Noteworthy too was the growing realization of how many layers of effort, expertise and generosity have already been invested in making our school development possible.

After a time of worship that was flavoured with sincere gratitude, we “rolled up our sleeves” and began working together. New staff were introduced to JKCS’s unique curriculum design process as the model we will use to support our teachers in the development of an expansive and robust Applied Design, Skills and Technology curriculum. In the senior grades, teachers continued working on the transitional tasks involved in adopting the new BC Curriculum and on streamlining their planning to link well with our elementary programs. Please faithfully pray for your school staff, as they endeavour to invest well in the lives of your children.

By Wendy Perttula, Secondary Vice Principal and Paul Tigchelaar, Principal