JKCS Video: “Growing in Community”

ArushaTimes News

The latest JKCS video, “Growing in Community” is posted on our website johnknoxbc.org. Please view it and feel free to share it with your friends, family, and anyone who is interested in Christian education at John Knox. Many thanks to the students, parents, and staff who participated!
“Children are formed, in large part, through relationship and community. The key to this type of formation is not what they know but how they are known.
At John Knox Christian School, we are intentional about fostering a community where our students can learn, work, play, celebrate, worship, and pray together, from their first day of kindergarten to high school graduation. Through growing up in our community we want each child to experience that they are valued and loved, and to carry this knowledge with them wherever they may go.”

Please view it and share with friends and family.