JKCS Valentine’s Day Card and Cookie Campaign 2022 

ArushaTimes News

Written by: Yubin K. & Brendan S. 

During the month of February, JKCS students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 handmade a total of 770 cards. Red and pink cards were given to both campuses to decorate, and gradually, multitudes of cards were submitted, each one made with care and love, attesting to the earnest benevolence of John Knox student population.   

Then the secondary school foods teacher, Mrs. Anthony, had student volunteers baking cookies, 787 cookies to be exact, throughout the month of February. They made the Foods Lab come alive with excitement and action as teams worked together to make batter, shape cookies, top them with sugar or hearts, and individually bag them and attach the homemade cards.    

All this effort was to show appreciation and love to the residents and healthcare workers at the George Derby Center, Thornebridge Gardens Retirement Residence, and Royal Columbian Hospital essential workers in ER, ICU and Respiratory Departments. All the residents and healthcare workers were very thankful, and enjoyed the sweet treat and heartfelt messages. 

On February 14, Brendan S. from Grade 10 and Yubin K. from Grade 12 delivered 240 cards and cookies to the residents and workers at Thornbridge Gardens Retirement Residence in New Westminster. 

On February 18, Brendan S. from Grade 10  and Yubin K. from Grade 12 delivered 290 cards and cookies to the healthcare workers in the ER, ICU, and Respiratory Departments at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.  

On February 14, two students from Grade 6, Myra C. and Kaitlyn N. delivered cards and cookies to the residents and workers at George Derby Center in Burnaby. 

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, students were not allowed to directly give out the cards and cookies to the residents and healthcare workers this time, but we are hoping to do so once restrictions are lifted. 

Thank you John Knox for making such beautiful cards and volunteering to help bake cookies for those in our community! Special thanks to Mrs. Anthony, the secondary Foods teacher, for supervising and helping with the baking, and Mrs. Lund for organizing and executing this awesome opportunity. Special shout out and thanks to Elsie Takasaki from Nelson Avenue Community Church who helped bake an extra 100+ cookies so we wouldn’t run out, and to Mrs. Shishido and Mrs. Hwang who came to help as well.  

Overall, it was a great experience to foster a better school environment and give back to our community.