JKCS Spring Membership Meeting

Tim ChanTimes News

A hearty thank you to everyone who attended our Spring Membership Meeting. The agenda was definitely full, but the meeting was worship-centered, efficient and productive.

The evening opened with scripture, (Psalm 34: I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together) song, (10,000 Reasons) and prayer. From start to finish, there was a sense that we are a very blessed community and we have a great deal to be grateful for!
At the meeting, we thanked the Lord for:
  • the noteworthy contributions of Ken Baynes, Thomas Cheung, Scott Larson and Dennis Li. These four board members are retiring; for their 14 years of collective service, we are sincerely grateful;
  • the newly elected board members, Francine Anselmo, Deb Bliss and Karen Dyck, who have agreed to help lead during the next season of transition and growth;
  • the balanced budget and the means to provide good quality educational experiences for our students;
  • the amazing efforts of our K-7 students, who raised a whopping $64,000 plus during this year’s Knox Walk event;
  • the Capital Campaign donations totalling 1.47 million dollars, which bring us oh-so-close to the 1.5 million dollar milestone;
  • the successful transitioning of our Constitution and Bylaws, as an updated document that complies with the new Societies Act and upholds the Christ-centered values of our school;
  • the tireless work of Mike Davey and his team of Building Committee members who are persisting through all the thrills and challenges of building a new school;
  • the leadership of Mrs. Ferguson, whose prayers and admin reports highlight the sovereignty of God and her commitment to supporting the priorities of educational excellence;
  • the slide presentation by Paul Tigchelaar, which showcased Carver as rich in talent, programs and experiences, and as a storehouse of assets that can be reinvested in the task of establishing two new, flourishing high schools;
  • the mounting excitement, not only about our new building’s design features, but about working alongside the staff, teachers, students, parents and visitors that will very soon animate the space we already call, “John Knox Christian High School”.
Perhaps a newsletter is not the best place to capture a full 10,000 reasons for our hearts to sing, but if all of us pray at least once a day, and therein thank God for his generous blessings, we will no doubt hit that number over and over again. That pretty much sums up the evening,
Wendy Perttula
Vice -Principal