JKCS Secondary School Supplies List

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This is the school supplies list for secondary students (grades 7-12):

  • School uniform
  • Combination lock
  • NIV Study Bible
  • French/English dictionary
  • Spanish/English dictionary
  • Complete geometry set
  • Calculator (Grade 7)
  • Scientific calculator (Grade 8, 9, 10)
  • Graphing calculator (Grade 11/12 – optional for Grade 10)
  • Device with a keyboard (Grades 8-12)*
  • Pens, highlighter, pencils and erasers
  • Coloured felts/pencil crayons
  • Ruler, tape, glue, stapler and scissors
  • Lined paper and graph paper
  • 3 ring binders, one for each course
  • Materials for school projects (e.g. construction paper, poster boards, etc.)

*JKCS recommends Chromebooks and mid-range PC laptops (in the $400-$900 range) for best value. Consider the device weight and battery life when selecting a device.
For the 2018-2019 school year, JKCS Grade 7 students will use school-prescribed Chromebooks. These devices will remain at school at all times.