Secondary: JKCS Peer Tutoring Program

ArushaTimes News

“John Knox prides itself in academically enriching its students whilst cultivating Christ-like leaders for the greater good of our local and global community. As a grade 11 student, I have found a passion in all things entrepreneurial and was encouraged to spearhead a student initiative program. Inspired by John Knox’s impeccable record of being in the top 5% of B.C. schools, I decided to do my part and create a program founded on the principle that students receive additional support from our top achieving senior students. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it difficult for normal social interactions, thus this program emphasizes creating priceless bonds between tutors and tutees in a safe environment. At no cost, this program strives to deliver a constructive and pleasant experience for all who join and aims to develop the proper studying habits and disciplines required for highschool. The mission of this program is to also nurture critical thinking so that students will engage in opportunities to voice their opinions, encourage students to grow in their faith and academics, and refine their social skills, all to guide them on their quest to independence. That way, students will feel more comfortable approaching senior students for assistance. As well, we want to provide tutors with a platform to demonstrate their maturity as leaders and role models in their community and instill patience, compassion, and responsibility amongst other Christ-like qualities. On behalf of the Peer Tutoring Admin Team, I would like to commend the efforts and generosity of our senior volunteers. To all current and prospective students, I would like to wish you all the best and thank you all for the vote of confidence.”
Isaac C.
Student Administrator, Grade 11