JKCS Annual Fall Drive

ArushaTimes News

This week you will receive your JKCS Annual Fall Drive letter in the mail. Now that the Capital Campaign for our new secondary campus building is complete we can look ahead to other needs at our two campuses. Over the next few weeks we’ll share stories of these needs with you in the newsletter, but many of you may wonder why we need to fundraise at John Knox at all! Read on to find out:

A few financial facts:
• John Knox receives 50% of its operational funding from the government
(operational = what it costs to educate a child in BC). Your tuition fees cover the remaining operating costs.
• John Knox does not receive any capital funding from the government
(capital = the cost of the facility, land and equipment). Your donations are needed to cover the cost of these items.

Our needs include large projects to maintain and improve our two campuses, furniture and equipment needed for our students, and paying down our debt on our new building. What this really works towards is long term sustainability. We want John Knox to continue to educate God’s children for many years to come!

May Glod bless you as you give. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Arusha Vegt, Development Coordinator
Paul Tigchelaar, Principal