Introducing Operation: New Genesis (A student-led community outreach project)

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This is Yubin K., grade 11 student and founder of Operation: New Genesis. My team and I have been hard at work and we’re finally launching tomorrow!! We have prepared a launch video to share with the high school, and want to share it with the elementary students and parents as well.

Operation: New Genesis is a team of five determined students in grade 11 working towards supporting homeless individuals in our community. We plan to raise awareness on the pressing issue of homelessness through Christ’s unconditional love, education, and acts of service. We want to encourage everyone to take part beyond conversation and become a helping hand towards those seeking a new genesis. Over the next few months, we have many exciting things planned and in the works, including various fundraising events and workshops, all with the goal of providing resources for those in far more need than ourselves.

We will start with a week-long donation event, the “5 Days of Giving.” Starting on Monday February the 22nd, each day of the week will have a different theme. The goal of this event is to collect donations of materials for care packages that we will be giving out to homeless individuals during the upcoming Grade 11 missions trip. The care packages will include basic necessities that many homeless individuals do not have access to (ex: toiletries, hot packs, gloves, etc.) and these are crucial, especially during this cold season. The selected themes for each day are as follows:
MASKY Monday: disposable or reusable masks and other PPE
TOILETRY Tuesday: toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, soap, wipes, feminine hygiene products (please avoid bringing a razor and mouthwash)
WARM Wednesday: hot packs, gloves, toques, socks
THIRSTY Thursday: plastic water bottles, juice boxes, bottled water
FOODIE Friday: snacks, fruit gummies, apple sauces, granola bars

Please bring in items related to these themes each day for a chance to win a special treat for your class!!
To simplify things for the elementary campus, we’ve split the collection of items by grade. This means, Grade One will be collecting masks; Grade Two will be collecting toiletry items; Grade Three will be collecting items of warmth; Grade Four will be collecting items to quench thirst; Grade Five will be collecting food items; and Grade 6 will be collecting bags and bandages (large zippered plastic bags, large bandages, rain ponchos). Kindergarten is making special cards to accompany each care package.

To learn more about this project please view our launch video:

Check out our instagram @operation.newgenesis where we will be sharing further details on the event, and email us at
Yubin K., Grade 11 student and founder of Operation: New Genesis