Imagine a Future

ArushaTimes News

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

John Knox Christian School offers one of the strongest educational experiences in our province as well as a very compelling and authentic inclusion of prayer, worship and community. We continue to receive a very large number of families wanting to enroll their children into kindergarten for this experience. Unfortunately we can only invite less than half of applicants who hope for this opportunity for Christian Education.
Do we wrestle daily with student, staff and parent challenges? Absolutely! We will never claim to be perfect, but certainly forgiveness is for the asking.
Goals that do not experience failures and difficulty are likely goals that are not set high enough and we hope our students reach far for their dreams while learning to address challenges along the way.
Our students in intermediate, junior and senior high school and beyond are progressively learning discernment, independent thinking and planning for their future.
We only need to look at the measures of our students’ successes and the significant accomplishments of our alumni to know that we are a community deeply blessed in our faith.
The future of our community is assured in our profession and practice of our Biblical worldview, strong relationships and our commitment to academic planning.
Paul Tigchelaar
Lead Principal