If you have a child coming to Kindergarten next year (Sept 2019), READ THIS!

Tim ChanTimes News

There are a number of new families outside of our present membership, inquiring about enrollment in Kindergarten for September, 2019. We need to ensure that families who currently have children enrolled in this school have FIRST OPTION on enrollment in Kindergarten for 2019/2020.

To enroll your child: Please complete the application form as set out on our Applications page.

The application is fillable online and after you have completed the form, print it off and bring it to the school office along with all items listed on checklist. As an existing family in the school, you do not need to pay the $200 application fee. Also, you do not need to have your child “accepted” into the school. You will receive an email from the office confirming receipt of your application. We will begin accepting applications for Kindergarten from the greater Christian community November 1.