Greetings John Knox Christian School Community!

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Recently, I read the story of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison (Acts 12:3-19). It’s a spectacular set of events and celebrated in the church because of God’s tactile intervention; one of those rare times that an angel physically appears, intervenes with humans and confounds the laws of gravity. I love this story because it allows me to point and exclaim, “There, see? There’s God doing something, I can see his angel.” Most of our lives, however, are filled with far less overt and spectacular directives from Heaven. In fact we practice spiritual disciplines such as prayer or fasting or silence in order to hear the voice of God. We are called to live by faith most often without the human benefit of the physical touch of God. It is interesting to me that while Peter was sitting in prison chained between guards, Luke found it important to say, “…but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” The church prayed for Peter, prayed for a miracle no doubt – and when the miracle arrived, the church couldn’t believe it! The reason for my sharing these musings is to convey the idea that church history is FULL of anxious distressing times when the church implored the Lord to step in and do something. I find great comfort in knowing the church that came before us faced many trials and the Lord brought them through it. He is active, He is doing, He is alive. And now it’s our time to live, it’s our time to be the people of God in a Christian School context. We are stepping into 2022 with great confidence and great expectations. As the JKCS community, please pray earnestly (as you are doing!) for the school, for Vancouver Christian School, Richmond Christian, Surrey Christian and all the others who are seeking to follow Jesus. He has a lot of work for us to do. Let’s go!
Peace to each of you.
David Ward, Superintendent