Greetings from the Secondary Campus!

Tim ChanTimes News

It’s so great to work with JKCS Elementary! Amidst the unprecedented challenges we are facing as a society and educational community, there are amazing blessings. Witnessing the unity and gifts with which God has blessed our community has been humbling.

Our community of two schools came together as one body with one purpose in Christ. Our teachers, admin, and support staff lifted each other up through encouraging prayers of hope and faith. It has been wonderful to collaborate with colleagues from kindergarten through grade 12, and draw from such a vast pool of experience and strengths. The enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise of our teachers and support staff has been front and center.

Above all, I have been inspired to witness our teachers and support staff’s hearts for each other and your children. I’ve seen passionate teachers supporting one another and sharing creative ideas, dedicated staff advocating for student needs, and acts of compassion and care for the families in our community that are facing personal trials and heartbreak.

Yvonne DeWith and Jessica Duncan worked incredibly hard to coordinate our junior 7-9 program to ensure a strong start for our off-site learning experience. Wendy and Paul’s support for me as I navigated the preparations for the senior program and site safety protocols was invaluable.

Working closely with an incredible role model, David Ward, provided me with the opportunity to learn from his experience and insights. I am deeply appreciative of his calm disposition, steadfast faith, and unwavering care for the needs of our community. We are blessed!

Adam Wasik, Secondary Vice Principal