Greetings from the Elementary Campus!

Tim ChanTimes News

The New Testament is full of verses that speak about encouragement, support, and “lifting up” one another. Hebrews 3:13 reminds us to encourage each other daily. For the past few weeks my inbox has been full of such encouragements.

It is a pleasure to work with our admin staff at both the elementary and secondary campuses. Every day brings another Zoom meeting with Kim Beunk and Jacob Rogers and Lindsay Chimick, multiple phone calls and facetime chats with Mr. T, Wendy P and Adam W. At times, it feels like a game of catch!

Interestingly enough, Adam and I have been communicating and supporting each other more in the last two weeks than ever before! Each one of us is working hard to provide the other with an excellent throw so that the catch on their end is successful; it’s an intentional, thoughtful game.

Similarly, our conversations are crafted to build something much better than what we can make on our own – iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27). I count it a privilege to work with such dedicated and faith-filled people. The last few weeks have held some tough times but they are also revealing the gifts and talents of a group of followers of Jesus who are in service to Him.

Your children are front and center in our minds and together we are building something to support students’ learning in new and vibrant ways.

David Ward, Elementary Principal

Adam Wasik throws (in his back yard) and David Ward catches (in his back yard)