Greetings from the Business Office

Tim ChanTimes News

Since the start of the spring break we have been working on contingency planning and adapting as the economic and social realities evolve. We have worked to eliminate spending wherever possible in order to free up financial resources to support our staff and community families at this time.

We had families respond to our message of tuition assistance last week. We are grateful that many families have sought to spread out payments over 5 months as a means of lessening the financial impact of tuition while leaving tuition assistance funds available for the most critical needs in our community.

I want to stress that we are in this together and we want to be here for you if your needs change in the coming months. I am reminded of the image of the early church in Acts 2—they were together and had everything in common… they gave to anyone as he had need. May the watching world see this in John Knox—we are here to care for each other and it is our desire that no one walks away from our community at this time.

Karen Dyck, Business Manager

Karen’s home office/kitchen table