2022 Grandparents' Day


Welcome grandparents and grand friends to this special day. We are excited to welcome you into our school virtually, and celebrate one of our most important parts of the school: you!  You do so much for your community, the way you care for your grandchildren, and the way you pray for them and support them, and we want to honour you today.

What you'll be seeing today is a glimpse into the classroom of your grandchildren and grand friends. You'll hear from their teachers and you'll see some of the work they're doing this time of the year. It'll be a taste of what we do here at the school every day.

We hope that next year that we will be able to invite you into the school next year, like we have in years past. Please enjoy these videos of your grandchildren that we have put together for you.

Kindergarten KCI with Theresa Choi
Kindergarten KCO with Amy Chao
Kindergarten KT with Joyce Tam
Grade 1F with Sarah Faber
Grade 1KH with Joyce Kwan & Jodie Huen
Grade 1W with Winnie Wong
Grade 2K with Tiffany Koo
Grade 2JT with Liz Johnson
Grade 2W with Alice Wong
Grade 3A with Angie Au
Grade 3F with Cheryl Fan
Grade 3MB with Jessica Menage & Kim Beunk
Grade 4A with Lara Alvarez
Grade 4B with Kelly Blackmore
Grade 4FJ with Ruth Flannigan
Grade 5M with Ian Morrison
Grade 5S with Mike Spiliotopoulos
Grade 5W with Jeanine Wasik
Grade 6B with Hannah Buikema
Grade 6E with Monica Elford
Grade 6G with Tracy Gidinski