Grade 9 Creation Care Challenge

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Creation Care Challenge #4:
To help care for the environment, 7B challenges those at school and those at home to pick up any trash they find on the ground. Trash belongs in the recycle bin or the trash can, not the ground! If you have any questions, contact David at

Creation Care Reflection:
For the month of December, our grade nine classes had the chance to participate in our first Creation Care Challenge – helping the animal shelter. We were asked to bring a few empty water bottles, old socks, and spare pet food, and over the course of a few weeks, we had enough to fill up two baskets worth of supplies. From chugging water bottles to making dog toys with our classmates, it was a good bonding experience, especially knowing that it was all going towards a good cause as well. – Jae S, 9A

To end this year off with something different, all of the grade 9’s worked together to create some toys and collect donations of pet food for animals at the New Westminster Animal Shelter nearby! To start off our plan, we decided to buy a whole cartridge of water bottles that we could drink in order to turn them into chew toys. Once the bottles were empty, we used some old socks that people brought in to cover the bottles so that the animals could have their own chew toys. It was an easy job after that, all that was left was collecting some food that was generously donated by the pet owners in our classes. Overall, we all learned some teamwork skills, as well as having fun with each other collaboratively! To see what the Grade 9’s have done, please check out the video below. (Video credit to Jae S.) -Logan C, 9B