Grade 7 – 10 Hiking to Dog Mountain

Tim ChanTimes News

On September 18 & 19, the Grade 7-10 PHE classes went hiking to Dog Mountain. Here are reflections from Sydney C (Grade 7A) and Jimmy W (Grade 10).

“Our Hiking Field Trip to Dog Mountain on Mt. Seymour was one of the best experiences. It was originally for PHE but I had such a good time with my friends. The different benefits that the field trip provided us was a literal and figurative breath of fresh air. There was a lot of mud, tangled roots, rocks and streams and most people went home with muddy shoes. However, we got to exercise, have fun with friends and feel some freedom. Throughout the hike, I felt many things – cold then warm, excited and tired, and also determined. I believed that this was only a challenge for growth and so I trekked my way through the 6 km trail. After lunch on the peak, we made our way down and rode the bus back to school. It was an interesting adventure, but with caring and helpful friends we succeeded!”

Sydney C, Grade 7A

“The unique thing about Dog Mountain hike was the muddy roads and the slippery tree stems we had to step on. Frankly saying, those were not bad things, as the sudden shrieking and laughter caused by them was indeed pretty entertaining. With an early arrival, the sound of my alarm stopped resonating in my ear as soon as the fresh smell of nature and layers of green filled my senses. All I had in mind was pacing forward to feel the trees and enjoy this lively after-rain environment. Nature is intriguing, it can offer you normal routes, but it can also offer you challenging ones that. It gets your shoes dirty but brings you a lot of fun. Walking up this slippery road was progressive. At first everyone did not want to get their shoes dirty and walked quite slowly but the dirtier we got the more carefree we became, and some of us even intrepidly stepped through the deep mud puddles in the end. The hike challenged us physically, but we did managed to finish it, with the help of teachers and encouragement from peers. It was an exhausting experience indeed, but as we face challenges, we get more prepared, experienced and able to make fun out of it.

Jimmy W, Grade 10