Grade 6 Day

ArushaTimes News

This week Grade 6 students had an opportunity to visit the secondary campus in preparation for their big transition to Grade 7 in the fall. Student council reps led them on an exploration of the campus that included a visit to the Grade 7/8 wing, a chance to poke the strange mirrors in the workout mezzanine, and a glimpse of the biology lab pet, Mouse the Snake. Back in the student commons Mr Wasik prayed for the students and performed explosive and colourful science experiments, Mr Qi showed them what happens when you code a drone, and Mr Carey answered questions about what to expect in Grade 7. Before students went back to the elementary campus on the bus they had some free time in the courtyard to play basketball and enjoy a treat of a giant cookie.
Huge thanks to student tour guides Karolina, Olivia, Rachel, Athena, David, Logan, and Ryo.
Arusha Vegt, Development Director