Grade 6 and 7 Boys and Girls Badminton

Tim ChanTimes News

On Wednesday, April 17th, the Grade 6 and 7 Boys and Girls Badminton team headed to Vancouver Christian School to compete in the 2019 CESS Badminton Tournament Championship. There were a total of 12 teams in each of the three categories (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles). They played a total of six games back to back and did an amazing job!

The students demonstrated great sportsmanship while having fun and doing their best. There were some very close games, but our Grade 7 JKCS1 team pulled through and were placed 1st out of 12.

Placement of our other teams:
JKCS 2: 7th place
JKCS 3: 10th place
JKCS 4: 6th place

Congratulations to the following individuals who won medals:
1st: Elaine S. G. (Girls Singles), Sung-Jin C./Evangeline C. (Mixed Doubles)
2nd: Ethan S. (Boys Singles), Elisha K. /Daniel K. (Boys Doubles)
3rd: Odelia L./Summer U. (Girls Doubles)

The rest of the grade 7 team consisted of Brendan S., Fiona M., Joshua H., Logan C., Hilary C., Eunice H., Nathan Y., Jae S. L., Noah N., and Enoch C.

Those who participated earned ribbons for their effort. The parents, teachers and coaches are thanked for their support and encouragement for this year’s successful Grade 6 and 7 Badminton season.