Grade 4 Science Experiment with Owl Pellets!

ArushaTimes News

On Feb 2, grade 4W dissected owl pellets! After the “ewwww!” factor, students dove in with tweezers and fingers to pull apart their pellets! They found bones, fur and teeth! One owl pellet had three skulls inside!! We found God’s fingerprint in this special adaptation given to owls to help them digest food and expel indigestible parts of their prey! Karina Wiebenga, 4W Teacher

On Feb 1, grade 4FJ participated in a Zoom presentation with the Owl Rehabilitation Society. They got a chance to see a live barn owl named Sarah. They learned a lot about the role of the society in taking care of hurt owls , the different kinds of owls, and their specific adaptations. The next day, they dissected an owl pellet to learn what an owl eats. Trudy Jenkins, 4FJ Teacher