Grad Retreat 2020

Tim ChanTimes News

It seems like a distant memory when the grade 12s and I were enjoying some much needed downtime at Stillwood Camp. The pandemic was ‘on its way’ but life was still pretty normal and although that is far from the case now, it is worth taking a moment to reflection and give thanks for the ‘free’ing time we had.

Whether we played glow-in-the-dark capture the flag, tried to solve an evening Murder Mystery, warmed ourselves by a campfire, listened to Pastor Dave Jonnson speak on the comforting and reassuring words of Jeremiah 1, heard students share their own testimony on the state of their faith right now, or shared a lunch with the VCS grads, it was clear that we were in the presence of the Lord and in the midst of good company.

It was a blessing to hear students lead prayer, lead worship, or simply share jokes and memories with one another. Given the current state of affairs, I look back on those three days with gratitude that I was able to be around so many people and look forward to doing so again.

Rebekah Loconte, Grade 12 Teacher