Going Gradeless

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The student reporting policy in British Columbia remained essentially unchanged from 1994-2016. In 2016 the BC Ministry of Education (MoE) began requiring that schools use a redesigned curriculum, prioritizing deeper learning through concept-based and competency-driven education. The current MoE curriculum is designed to develop students that are analytical, creative thinkers and communicators who are personally and socially responsible in all areas of community life.

Another element of this updated curriculum is the MoE’s “Going Gradeless Mandate.” Across the province of BC, all schools must remove grades from their K-9 report cards by September 2023.

At JKCS we are making this mandated transition in stages.
• Our K-3 report cards are already gradeless, so no significant changes are required in these grades.
• Students in grades 4-6 will begin receiving gradeless report cards this year, and the first of these will be issued in November 2022.
• Students in grades 7-9 will begin receiving gradeless report cards next year, in accordance with the transition cut-off date of September 2023.
• Students in grade 10-12 will continue to receive report cards with grades.

The good news is that removing letter grades as a metric of student achievement can lead to improved learning outcomes for students.

The BC MoE is working on the creation of a report for parents/guardians that will provide more information about going gradeless in grades K-9. The MoE has also committed to providing continuing support for school leaders, teachers, and families, in recognition that this transition will require ongoing professional development and implementation support.

At JKCS we are already investing professional development resources into achieving this MoE mandate. We are embracing a growth mindset and pursuing continuous improvements in our teaching practices so our students will thrive in the context of healthy and meaningful changes.

Stay tuned for periodic updates. We will provide more information about report card adjustments in upcoming newsletters.

Wendy Perttula
Director of Curriculum and Learning