Future Science Leaders: Exploring Topics in STEAM!

Arusha Times News

By Sydney C. 10B

This year, I have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing program with Science World called Future Science Leaders (FSL). The program strives to provide the resources and foster an environment for “future scientists” to enrich their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) aspirations.

I first heard of FSL from a friend who is an alumnus and I found that this opportunity was perfect for the direction I was headed. As someone who has had a passion in the field of STEAM ever since studying the human body in my Grade 5 Science class, Future Science Leaders was perfect. As I have been a student at John Knox Christian School since kindergarten, the school has undoubtedly fostered my curiosity in science. I feel that a lot of my ideas and work I contribute to FSL can be attributed to the community that I grew up in. Currently, I, along with two other peers from JKCS, are a part of the “Year 1: Discovery Program” hosted in Surrey. Every Thursday, myself and 14 other students attend two-hour sessions where we explore various topics in STEAM and we often hear from guest speakers, attend field trips and apply our learnings to projects and experiments. Later in the year, we will conduct a Scientific Inquiry Project based on our personal area of interest. So far, some of the topics we have covered include Engineering and Biology where I had the chance to build bridge prototypes and analyze the environmental impacts. One of the biggest things I have learned while being involved with FSL for the past couple of months is that making personal connections to topics plays a considerable role while working in STEAM. Overall, I am very grateful to be able to participate in Future Science Leaders and am excited to see where this program takes me over the next year!

Bridge Prototype Challenge for Engineering