From the Business Office

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I would like to thank those that have made recent donations directed to help our community with tuition assistance at this time. We are grateful to be able to partner together to support those who have been significantly impacted by this crisis and we are committed to working with families as the reality of COVID-19 economic impact spreads. Please reach out if you are finding your family nearing the end of your resources.

A second part of our commitment to the community is to reduce our purchasing of nonessential items. We have asked all of our staff to suspend purchasing for the remainder of the school year, except where there is an immediate, necessary need. These savings will allow us to direct more resources towards our staff and family’s needs.

We are grateful for God’s provision in previous years and in our current school year. And we will continue to move forward providing excellence in education regardless of whether we gather in offsite virtual spaces or in our beautiful buildings.

Karen Dyck, Business Manager