From Our School Counsellor

Fera Gunawan Times News

Dearest JKCS parents,
We hope the first weeks of the school year have been a smooth transition out of summer for you and your families! We know that with the fall and winter months there can tend to be a dreariness and heaviness that comes with the clouds and rain, which is why we wanted to remind you of the counselling supports here are at the school for your children. Please do not hesitate to connect with us if you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in having your child come see one of us counsellors. At the secondary campus, students are most definitely welcome to swing by and visit Ms. Megan on their own, on a tough day, if they need someone to talk to, or if they want to set up weekly sessions. We hope this autumn brings you rest and peace.
Ms. Megan & Celine Du
Secondary Counsellor: Ms. Megan –
Elementary Counsellor: Celine Du –