From Our Principal: Beyond

Tim ChanTimes News

As we interview new families coming into our JKCS community, it is abundantly clear that their first priority is for a faith community that strongly supports their children, our students. Equal to that first priority is the desire for an excellent academic journey in the context of a Christian foundation. While public schools can offer great programs, our school goes  beyond in many respects. I would argue, way beyond.

Our students have that excellent academic experience which prepares them in every way for any post secondary school journey they choose. But more or most importantly, they engage in a journey that is deeply connected with our Biblical beliefs. To that end, we cannot compromise on offering this faith community during the secondary school years when our teen aged students are anchoring and owning their Christian walk. We must not fumble that opportunity.

We have graduates who have been honoured with “The best 30 under 30”, PhD degrees at UBC and other top universities, invitations to attend post-doctoral programs at Standford, University of Michigan and others. Our students attend universities across the continent and are successful. They are well prepared. They venture forward with Christ in their hearts.

Our students are inspired by their faith to explore and pursue their gifts and we are there to walk beside them. JKCS goes beyond. We are blessed by our staff, our innovative programs and a community that cares deeply from a very compelling perspective. Faith, academics, authentic leader- ship, opportunity: Beyond!

Paul Tigchelaar